Below are some comments from a couple of pleased West Valley Sonrise Counseling Services clients.

“My wife and I are very grateful for our time with Donna Peck. Donna has played such an important role in the discovery of how to communicate our emotions and goals in and for our marriage and family. Donna’s ability to provide educated and experienced insight as well as patiently listen to us discuss our anger, fears, anxieties made the difference in us being able to find healthy solutions. We would gladly recommend anyone we know to Donna that may need her help.”

“I was extremely blessed to get connected with Donna as my Counselor. After what was most likely over a decade of depression ups and downs, I was medically diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression. While my medical doctor prescribed medications, I was in a really bad place and didn’t know what to do or where to go. Fortunately for me, I was referred to Donna and she helped steer me through the darkest time of my life…all while maintaining my family with young kids and a professional career. It was through our sessions that over the course of 6-9 months I was able to shift from a ‘barely-surviving’ mentality to stand on my own and continue healing.

Donna really made me feel safe and secure in our sessions, despite a lot of shame I felt as part of my issue. She helped me understand that I wasn’t alone and there was a path I could follow to heal. Donna really cared about me as a person and always did detailed “homework” into things that would help me heal and grow. While she provided structure in the process, she was also very flexible in exploring literally anything that could help.

I suppose the best I can say is that I am finally off the medications and have a completely different outlook on life with a healthy way to approach adversity. I credit my work with Donna as the central foundation to my healing.”